Dropbox App Review for Apple iOS

Dropbox iPhone App

Today we will take a look at Dropbox, one of the biggest names in file-sharing and file-syncing apps for the iPhone. Dropbox is an online hard drive that seamlessly syncs your computer files across devices, such as smartphones, desktop computers, and laptops.

Dropbox is a tool that allows you to easily share your files and/or folders with others. The app does this so easily and wonderfully well that any person who knows how to use a smartphone will be able to intuitively use Dropbox.

Let’s say you just took a photo with your iPhone and you wanted to share the picture with your friends. You can share your photo in a few ways. First, start by uploading the photo to your Dropbox account (free account comes with 2GB storage which is enough space to share thousands of photos). Then, you can take the image’s link with friends by either emailing, sending a text message, or pasting the link to your Facebook or Twitter. After receiving the link, your friends just need to click on the link and he will be taken to the photo immediately. How cool is that?

Dropbox works the same for photos and all other file types, such as music, videos, documents, and more.

You can use Dropbox to easily sync your iPhone with your Dropbox account. Let’s say you want to listen to your favorite music while taking a jog around your neighborhood. Just upload the MP3 file to your Dropbox and stream it while exercising. Best of all, you can take your whole Dropbox account and have access to it anywhere in the world– even while on vacation.

Dropbox does have some flaws. One thing that really bothers me has to do with the recent iOS 7 upgrade, Dropbox has been giving me issues where I can’t access my Dropbox account anymore. My iPhone seems to get stuck on the “Connect to iTunes” message repeatedly. Nothing I have done has overcome this iOS 7 related problem, so I have to wait for Dropbox to update and solve this issue.

Another drawback I found is that Dropbox loads slowly when streaming large files, ie. a video, even when I have a very fast WiFi connection. However, once the video starts to load, the video plays flawlessly.

All in all, I would personally recommend Dropbox to all my friends. Thanks to its simplicity, ease of use, and 2GB of free cloud storage, Dropbox is a great app.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5


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