Nokia Lumia 520 Review

Nokia Lumia 520The “best budget smart phone on the market” is how I would define the Nokia Lumia 520. This smart phone is one of the primary reasons behind the initial success of Nokia’s Lumia series because people crave for change and improvement. Undoubtedly, Nokia’s Windows phones are the latest change and improvement in the smart phone category. This is why the Lumia series has become a hit to date.

Design and Build – Usually, budget phones don’t come with much style and elegance. However, the Nokia Lumia 520 has changed the trend with its smart and attractive build. What makes the cell phone appealing is the back cover extends up from the entire back of the cell phone to the screen. The back cover is available in vibrant colors such as red, yellow, white, black, and blue.

The Lumia 520 is not the prettiest and most elegant cell phone from the Lumia series. However, for the phone’s particular price range, you may not be able to find such a classy phone from another manufacturer.

The back of the phone has a tiny Nokia logo, camera lens and a small space for the loud speaker at the bottom. The right side of the phone is packed with features like the volume control, power, and camera buttons. The left edge is completely featureless while providing the phone a smooth and silky appearance. The top side possesses a 3.5mm headphone port and the bottom edge has a miniUSB port for charging the battery. The SIM card slot and microSD memory card space is found underneath the battery cover. Through this design build, Nokia has kept this phone extremely minimal, practical, and simple.

Display – Comparing the screen size of the phone with the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, Lumia 620 and Sony Xperia E makes me realize that the Lumia 520 not only costs less, but provides a larger screen display. A 4-inch (480 x 800 pixels) screen with scratch resistant glass provides a fine display for users. The screen size is impressive for playing games, reading articles, and visiting websites. Using the phone outdoors may be difficult for some people because the display screen is highly reflective.

Software – The Nokia Lumia 520 allows the user to operate on Windows 8 and provides users with enhanced entertainment.

A dual-core 1GHz Qualcomm processor along with 512MB of RAM makes this phone exceptional. The same specs can be found in the Lumia 720 which costs almost twice as much as the Lumia 520. The cell phone is inexpensive, however it is as slick and quick as you need it to be.

The pre-installed applications package is quite interesting. Users receive Nokia Mix Radio, Nokia Care, Microsoft Office, Nokia Creative Studio, Angry Birds, Smart Shoot, Nokia Music, Here MAPS, Here Drive and Transfer My Data applications within the phone. All of these apps provide entertainment and convenience from the first time you turn on the Lumia 520.

Camera – Although missing a flash, the rear camera features a 5MP camera that provides excellent images and video results. Unfortunately, the Lumia 520 is missing a front-facing camera. The cell phone is able to capture decent images in low light. Indoor and outdoor daylight images are fairly better than images taken at night.

Nokia Lumia 520 - Outdoor Nokia Lumia 520 - Indoor Nokia Lumia 520 - Night

Accessories – The accessories that come with the phone include earphones, charger and a miniUSB cable for transferring data. Matching color accessories such as a car charger and head phones are available for purchase.

Battery Life – The Lumia 520 has exceptional battery life due to the enhanced battery capacity compared to the Lumia 620. The cell phone has a 1430mAh battery that helps power the large screen. You can listen to music for couple of days without worrying about the battery.

Usability: Apps & Gaming – When it comes to usability, the phone is spectacular because of Windows Operating System 8 which offers Live Tiles, vibrant colors, and personalization for every section. However, gaming is not ideal on the Lumia 520 since very few games are currently available for this phone on the Windows Marketplace. From a user’s point of view, this is a major con.

Elegant build, screen size, exceptional camera, software, pre-installed apps, and matching colored accessories are more than enough reasons for anyone to purchase this spectacular budget phone. On the other hand, people with a passion for gaming should go for an Android phone or iPhone if cost is not a dealbreaker.

The Nokia Lumia 520 is a minimal yet elegant Windows 8 phone with amazing features at an inexpensive price. The cell phone allows users to have the latest technology plus fun-to-use features making it a highly recommended phone.

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