AT&T was founded in 1983. AT&T is the largest provider of fixed and mobile telephony in the U.S. The wireless service provider, also, provides television broadband subscription services. AT&T is the world’s 21st largest mobile telecom service provider with more than 107 million subscribers. Today, AT&T is operating as a public limited company while being registered in the NYSE. The headquarters of AT&T is located in Dallas, Texas.

AT&T uses GSM technology to run its network and to provide wireless cell phone services to more than 100 million subscribers. 3G and high-speed 4G LTE technology is provided by AT&T to subscribers. AT&T allows the subscribers to choose from several plans. The basic plans offered by AT&T are:

  • Mobile Share Plans
  • Device Data Share Plans
  • Shared Data Plans
  • Prepaid Plans

AT&T allows subscribers to choose the amount of data in the above mentioned plans. Subscribers can purchase cell phone accessories and applications from the official website of AT&T. The most popular plan offered by AT&T is the 2-year contract with 2GB data sharing, unlimited talk, and unlimited texts.

AT&T wireless services are provided in most of the big cities and towns. Check out whether AT&T provides wireless services in your city with their coverage maps: